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Aida is a proposed app to assist medical patients with consolidating and tracking their post operative recovery. The app bridges a gap found within the technological and health care industries, while navigating the issues of dated communication in the healthcare system and the concerns of merging technology with personal care. 

ux & ui / app design / social good

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The Challenge

Creating an Accessible Solution

Unplanned, avoidable readmission due to poor post-operative care causes major strain on the modern healthcare industry. Patients either do not have the tools necessary to understand and navigate their recovery, or do not understand how important the role of personal care is to the healing process. This app bridges a gap found within both the technological and health care industries, while navigating the issues of the modern healthcare system and the concerns of merging technology with personal care. 

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Propose a comprehensive app for post-operative patients, that can assist in consolidating information and tracking recovery



Primary Users

Primary app users consist of post-operative patients, with a wide age range and knowledge concerning medicine and technology. They have a need to consolidate information, track recovery, and remember details in one succinct platform. The app will inspire patients to take control of post-op recovery, taking a proactive role and improving recovery potential.


Secondary Users

Secondary app users consist of healthcare professionals, knowledgeable about the healthcare industry and desiring a platform to ensure proper post operative tracking and communication. They have a need to promote a solution that is effective yet practical, marketed not as a replacement for post-op care but as an assistive tool.


Third Parties

Third party users consist of those directly effected by post-operative patients, such as family and friends. They are impacted by the recovery of the patient, playing an active role in the process. They desire a tool to ease and ensure a successful post-op experience.

UX Testing

Card Sorting

Content Diagram

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Page Flow Chart

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The Name

Driving Action

The name "aida" summarizes the purpose and goals of the app through underlying symbolism. Derived from the word "aid", the goal of the app is to assist those in taking control of their post-op recovery. The full name "aida" also takes inspiration from a business model, standing for attention, interest, desire, and action. The app brings attention to health care, creating an interest in taking control of recovery and the desire to play an active role in the process, ultimately resulting in action. The model is the basis for the apps renewed perspective on personal care.

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Screencast & Working Link

The Solution

An App for Social Good

Aida is meant to help a user track and consolidate recovery, whether it be a short term goal or a continuous journey. The apps focus on customizability provides the user with a set of tools, while allowing them to take their personal plan and upload it onto one, ever evolving platform. Aida provides a space for recovery to become interactive, while stressing the idea that it is not a replacement for post-operative care. Rather, the app is presented as an aid, one that sparks attention, interest, desire, and action when approaching personal recovery

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