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Ditto is a packaging series that emphasizes voice and communication channels. While most affordable skincare brands seem to have the same offerings and same image, Ditto stands out as something new, fresh, and unique.


Ditto received the 2020 Applied Arts Award for a student packaging series.


The Challenge

Going against the grain 

Cosmetic packaging, specifically in the affordable market, is notorious for repetition and lack of differentiation. While walking down a crowded aisle most products blend together, speaking very little to the consumer or brand. This lack of diversity leaves a market gap open, to a brand that can communicate its purpose and tone to an ever growing target audience.

Setting the Tone

Visual mark

Communication can be portrayed on more than one level, 

and Ditto uses this to its advantage. The "ditto mark" is an 

isolated quotation, and visually represents the idea of 

repetition and sameness. It completes the logo and sets the visual tone carried throughout the rest of the branding.

A name like no other

Brand voice is established immediately through the name. Ditto is defined as "the same thing again", the word directly playing on the idea design repetitive market. Not only is the brand aware of itself and its competitors, but it sarcastically states its presence on a shelf.


A brand of many hats

A mascot like character was created for the Ditto brand. This character further humanizes the company and differentiates each product by emphasizing the purpose, the mascot donning a new hat on each package. 

Quirky Communication

Illustration is a key form of communication for this packaging. The visual motifs represents the purpose of the product but from different 

perspectives, further pushing the idea of "same, but different". Each product can be identified from the visual or written cues.

The Solution

Personality in a Package

Ditto goes beyond being "just another skin care line". It offers what most drugstore cosmetic brands lack; a personality to support purpose. Using illustration, humour, and

self awareness, Ditto packaging carves a distance brand space on any shelf.