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re-branding / illustration / asset creation

HopeSpring is a fictitious re-brand project for a not-for-profit support centre, assisting and helping people meet the challenges of cancer. The new branding and asset system communicates the organizations values in a professional, yet humanistic and approachable way.

Designed in collaboration with Chloe Reynolds, Jan Oliver, and Tate Cooper

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Renewed Approach

Tiers of Three

Motifs of three are used throughout the branding, representing the organizational slogan of “Inspire, Empower, Hope”, the companies focus on physical, emotional, and holistic healing, and the focus on representing inclusivity, diversity, and approachability. The colour palette, looping logo, and visual systems represent this.

Typeface selection was vital in setting and supporting a specific brand voice, specifically because of the wide targeted age range (children to the elderly).  To successfully appeal to all audiences, a 70’s Cooper inspired typeface was selected. The rounded forms are welcoming and charismatic, and the resurgence of typefaces from this era in current design creates a modern and nostalgic appeal. 

Typographic Connection

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HopeSpring was established in 1995, offering a multitude of programs and services to the community. Now a local landmark, the organization has undergone many trials and tribulations to remain open, though their branding has a sense of stagnancy. The new approach to branding reflects growth, connecting values and goals to an updated visual communication system.

The Challenge

Brand Guideline

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Starting with Symbolism

The redesigned logo acts as a base point for the new branding direction and voice. The loops are based on the form of a cancer ribbon, as well as the idea of a coiled “spring”. The definition of a spring is a resilient object that always returns to its original shape, and embodies the resiliency of HopeSpring and its community. The line work also represent an abstracted house or a rising sun, paying homage to the original logo and visual elements.

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Visual Communication

An important aspect of the HopeSpring rebrand was the ability to incorporate more humanistic aspects within the design. This was done through the creation of an extensive illustrative system, ranging from figures to icons and scenes, all with a distinct style and the ability to communicate tone and voice. 

The Solution

Renewed Approach

The rebranding of HopeSpring effectively communicates the brand voice in a professional, yet humanistic and approachable way. It allows the company to speak to their consumers, create a visual space and voice, and stand out from comparable offerings. The organization approaches the healing process with hope, something that should be, and now is, reflected in the branding and voice.