Peel is a fictitious juice company, featuring a redesigned sustainable approach to the classic juice box carton. A built in side pouch houses the straw, removing the need for excess materials and industrial processes. The design is expressive and organic, connecting the visual aspects to the packages main features.

Peel Juice Packaging

packaging / illustration / asset creation

The Challenge

Plastic Pollutants

Juice box packaging utilizes plastic in a disposable way, meaning the straw and cellophane wrapping are for short term use and discarded quickly. There are two processes items can go through when breaking down: biodegrading (naturally decomposing) and degrading (material breaking apart into smaller pieces of itself). Plastics do not biodegrade, and never fully degrade. The degrading process of plastics release toxic chemicals, while smaller, invisible pieces left after the process completes will never leave the earth. 


Buyer and Consumer 

Peel juice has two main target audiences, the newly created packaging needing to appeal to a wide range. The buyers profile is a young or middle aged parent, socially and environmentally oriented. They're attracted to natural colouring, organic shapes and textures, and sustainable benefits, with a strong focus on family, community, and planet. The consumers profile is young to pre teen children, attracted to large graphics and punchy colours, unique product interaction, and easy usability. Though not purchasing, appealing to this audience can gain consumer loyalty through enticing visual and physical aspects.


Based on current Canadian food packaging standards, featuring bilingual text and an industry standard nutrition table

Physical Creation

1. Form

A rounded side pouch is incorporated into the side of the carton, with a pull tab allowing the consumer to release the straw from its sanitary compartment. The brand concept and name is based on the action of "peeling" open the side pocket, the pouch also acting as a carrier for thicker, heavier sustainable straws.

2. Material

The material sourced for Peel container is called "Natura", a fully biodegradable material made of wood fibres. Natura is composed of three layers, rather then the seven layers found in the average sheet of plastic. Natural is also food grade, airtight, sealed from light, and prevents odour and taste alterations.

3. Function

The three layers of Natura materials allows the sanitary perforated pouch 

to be possible, piercing only the first two layers while leaving the final intact and sealed. The straws sourced are biodegradable yet maintain 

durability, essential when considering the young consumer market of Peel 

with extended consumption periods.



A mailout package was created to promote Peel juice, as well the social good cause it stands for. A small reusable straw is contained within a side compartment of a postcard like asset, with the "Peel" tab present to open the container. This promotes the social good aspect, while connecting other physical forms directly to the main juice packaging


Advertisements were created to further brand promotion, and show branding elements in various applications.

An example of a small vertical billboard is shown, the same layout applicable to other vertical assets (such as magazine, poster, and print layout). Bright colours and large graphics communicate brand tone.

Point of Sale

A point of sale element was created, to show how the brand may be represented in a 3D physical space. Shelving would house the product, with pattern and colour covering the supportive structure and large, cutout elements creating a unique first impression. 

The Solution

An Applicable Design

The newly conceptualized products full lifecycle was well thought through, ensured to leave no negative effects on any ecosystems health, including our own. From minimizing initial construction steps, to sourcing truly biodegradable and sustainable materials, to creating realistic design solutions, Peel juice boxes are an applicable solution to a prominent issue. Combining aesthetics, function, and engineering aspects, the product is ready for real world application.