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illustration / concept work / propaganda

Sweet & Sickly

Artboard 5.png
Artboard 2.png

Sweet and Sickly is an illustrative campaign series, focusing on addressing the complex topic of rising obesity rates in an approachable, digestible way. An ever growing series, the classic aspects of shock and underlying symbolism found in propoganda are utilized. 



Rising contemporary issue

The issue of obesity has seen a spike in recent years, and is now considered one of the leading causes of health complications in modern society. The topic is a difficult one to broach, with exposure minimizing shock and seriousness, and secondary health problems caused by obesity distracting from root problems. A design solution needed to carry the weight of the topic, while finding a creative solution to connecting and capturing audience attention. 


Creating a conversation

This project applies classic propaganda techniques and ideals to a contemporary social issue. The illustrations approach the viewer on two levels, provoking an initial and secondary reaction, thus making the message memorable and impactful. The reaction is first one of subconscious discomfort, the illusion then disintegrating into shock and contrast when the hidden human form is revealed to the viewer. 


Capturing an audience

Overall these pieces combine concept, purpose, and application, with a strong focus on creating a visually impactful experience. Individual yet cohesive, the images speak on multiple levels and allow the audience to become part of the communication decoding process. A strong message with a strong platform, propaganda techniques are utilized in a modern, straightforward way.

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